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Give your Business the Powered Edge

Powered is a suite of tools to help business leaders manage their business. Key, real-time information you need is displayed on the Powered Dashboard, securely accessible by our clients on any computer, tablet, or Smart Phone. They can see their sales figures, their accounts, website visits, rankings, telephone usage, their people's schedules and much more all in one place and all working together, thanks to POWERED. It's like IBM for smaller businesses.

Have the tools you need to manage your business, right at your fingertips.

Running a business is hard work. Every moment you spend on your business is valuable. You need to plan, know when to order, see how well and effectively your customers are managed. Sometimes, you have to have others retrieve this information and mail or text it to you. POWERED will show you how you can be even more productive in running and growing your business. With Powered the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, because all the Powered products are designed to work together and be at your fingertips displayed on your Powered Dashboard, giving you the up-to-the-minute information you need to manage and grow your business.


Get an affordable, well-designed website that works to pull in customers.


You'll get the crm tools you need to satisfy and retain your current customers and attract new ones.


You'll get a full-featured cloud based PBX system with minutes and phones at amazingly low rates.


Keep your customers happy and supported and reduce churn by supporting them like the VIP's they are with award winning customer service software.


Work smarter and faster on projects with everyone on the same page. Spend less time on emails and in meetings with our intuitive project management software.


More than just a firewall, we'll keep the bad guys out with powerful data encryption and website monitoring.

Everything Works Together!

With the Omni-Powered Dashboard, you get more than a great CRM solution. You get applications that integrate with each other, giving you the information you need!


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